Why is daytime recording is less sensitive than nighttime recording

so confused.

I have the doorbell pro. I have the app on my iPhone and i’ve paid for storage. In the evening (when it’s dark) the camera records people in my front yard, cars going by, and that’s what I want. in the daytime - the only recording, the only notifications I get are when someone is ?10 ft from the door. and I want the same sensitivity as nighttime. (also - why don’t I get a little number, like Blink does, indicating how many notifications I have on the app icon) I have to feel there is some setting I changed that caused this difference between daytime sensing and nighttime sensing AND recording. which brings me to:

there are things to click in the app, but I don’t really have an understanding of what they are for, and what happens when I click on them. I’d asked for a PDF or other manual type thing from tech support, and they said - uh - no, don’t really have one. WHA? some programmer went to great lengths to provide options and adjustments - someone must know how they work, and … how I can get daytime recording to match nighttime recording.

any insight would be greatly appreciated. I tried to avoid the Ring world, but now I’m second guessing.

thanks in advance

Wish I knew what the controls did, or why some things record and others don’t. :frowning: