Why does my Wyze App show "Enjoy your sleep"?

Wyze thermostat in the Wyze app shows the message “Enjoy your sleep” at the top. Why?

I have a schedule set and it should be set to Home.

I’m having the same problem. I set the schedule, I set the desired temps, I have turned off auto-detect so my cats don’t turn on the motion detector, and I have waited multiple cycles. It still says I’m home all the time. Really frustrating. Then, on top of that, there isn’t a comprehensive how-to or instructions for the various features.

It iwll say Enjoy your sleep if you have a sleep block in your schedule and it has activated that block.

I think I may know what happened. I changed the start time of the Home block this morning before the time was reached.

The Home block was supposed to start at 7am. At 6:30am I changed it to 5:30am.

Seems like a bug. When the schedule is changed the app should recheck the blocks and set the status appropriately. I’m guessing that tomorrow morning, the status will be correct.

Hello aethwrthsfbsdbr. There isn’t a way to turn off motion detection - and each time you look at it, it will move to Home again … unless you use “Sleep” mode for “Away” … Sleep mode turns off detection. Not sure this will change in future, but it works for now.