Why does live cam on Desktop stop and I have to keep hitting play to continue watching?

Hi There - i share access of my cameras with family. Since yesterday, my sister has said that every 10 mins or so the live view cam on desktop stops and she has to hit play button to keep watching - it seems to be under a time limit.

Previous to yesterday, all 4 cameras were fine and running with no interruptions.

Yes, all the cameras and wifi are all powered up - no issues there so don’t understand what happened - since you did whatever you did yesterday and the system went down.

I’ve seen some reports about this lately. I think it had something to do with their maintenance this week. Hopefully someone will look into it a bit more this week after business hours resume again.

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Thank you! That’s a relief! Well, meaning, I thought it was my fault (although I know I didn’t do anything!).

Definitely not just you :+1: I can’t speak for Wyze or what they will do about it, but I can reassure you that you aren’t doing anything wrong and the change has nothing to do with you. I am sure they will look into it.

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