Why does forum hate my writing, constantly inserting blockquotes for paragraph spacing?

Says it all.
hate seeing a post on a topic I’ve participated in full of block quotes I didn’t make

Can you copy and paste a example so I can see what you’re talking about, please? Thanks


They are generated by putting together various characters in sequence like a colon, followed by a parenthesis for a smiling face. When you insert an emoji, it is generating these sequences for you.

The forum software uses some of these characters as formatting. For instance, if you put two asterisk characters in front of a word and another two asterisks after a word, it will be formatted in bold when viewed.

The forum software is interpreting some of your emojis as formatting characters.


I’ll try to make it occur here, but I believe I fixed all the prior instances in my posts.

Not my habit to insert accidental emojis either.
Pretty sure it has to do with the way I format replies with single line spacing vs. double line spacing.
Seems to be some bbcode force converting non tabs into blockquotes (the spacing appears to be replicating tabs, the tabs are being converted into 5 spaces, the 5 spaces seem to be interpreted into blockquotes)

Never seen it before here.
And it does not show in the preview pane.

Go to the link to see what I am referring to.
I did not blockquote anything

Yeah I remember that post and I wondered what happened. It was very odd. I don’t know why it does that to you

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lotta help you are LOL

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Hey I am not a forum maven not a moderator so go after them my friend.:joy:

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