Why do my Night Alerts on sensors happen during the Day Now?

My Wyze Sensors have been set to only Alert/Notify upload vid at night 9pm-7am only on my back lanai as I usit during day and it is high traffic,
Now the past week it’s all Day. I have them set to on and off 2min. apart to avoid software confusion because it happened a year ago and that remedied it but now no.
Was there an update that disallowed this?

I’m not clear about what Sensor you are referring to, but I’m assuming you mean the Motion Sensors. To my knowledge there has been no update that would have changed these rules. If you have your Motion Sensor rule set as shown in the photo below it should do what I understand you’re asking for.
if not, please post back with additional info and I will see if I can help.

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Reply, Contact and motion sensors.

Thanks for the response on my sensors firing duing day rather than nite, my settings are just like your picture. BTW, with the new forum I can’t directly repond or even find my post. I am using an up to date ios platform as my Android phone is charging. Anyway, can you tell me this about the Contact sensors, does there need to be a turn Notify On & turn Notify Off time each seperately entered. Each as it’s own Rule? On then Off? because I’ve never seen a way to set that up. Yes the setup has a start & stop time but they don’t disable. They still notify in my experience. And i have one right under a V2 cam 5 ft.
I hope you get what I am saying.
But really it was a question of hey, i think am update messed things up recently most likely because it was all working just fine, then week-10 days ago this starts up.
So thanks if youhave a iddea, otherwise i have to rebuild my rules one at a time again.

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I put a link to this post below, just in case, You can find almost anything on the forum using the Magnifying Glass icon at the top right and just specifying the topic or keywords you want.
The contact sensors can be scheduled to turn on/off under the rules based on time of day/days of week. Under Edit rules use Schedule option, not Device Trigger. You can specify multiple time settings but only by using separate rules. Be sure your Rules times don’t conflict with each other



Thank you for the help.

Mr. Terry Gero

in addition to my email response i just logged on and see the forum is functioning correctly on my ios now. So on your first reponse the pictures were too small on my ipad and of low res but your second post here i cansee find and i get it. i only had One Minute Spacing between Notify On & Notify Off. So i guess the Bridge Software couldnt keepup with the Switchover. From now on I’ll leave at least 5 Minutes between Noitify On Notify Off on Contact and Motion Sense.
Thanks so much tomp.


You are welcome! Hope it turns out t to solve your issue!

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