Why do I have to have WiFi router connected to the Internet to setup Wyze Cam v3?

Think I heard earlier that it is also true that if you were in that network with your phone and it was working and you then turned your phone off and back on it would not be able to reconnect to the live streams?

Also there was some banter about even if you have an active connection to the live stream from within your network that if the device restarts, you are correct, it needs to phone home during bootup, and thus will not have the same connection.

Thanks for answering my questions below.

I also think there was some talk about even though a device connects at bootup and gets its IP and never reaches out to the wyze servers again, they may have some code or might in the future put code on the device to reconnect to the wyze servers every x hours or days to re-establish a connection. They said it does not do this now, but may in the future.

It is also possible I think in the situation you are in below or at least wanting below that if the ISP sends you a new DHCP lease to your WAN port that the devices may lose connection to the mother ship ever 21 days or whatever the WAN port on the router is set at. The device will then attempt to reconnect to the internet. Maybe I read that wrong, but thought someone mentioned that.

Some people love these cameras so much they’d buy them from you used at full retail, no problem. Not easy to get all the time in all parts of the world.

Not to press the point, but… :slight_smile:

Agreed, returning them would be the right move for you. Honestly it seems you didn’t do your homework before buying them. You have particular needs and bought cameras that don’t fit them (and were never advertised to). Believe me I’d love them to have local control too, but they just dont. It would be kind of foolish to leave bad reviews blaming stupid developers, but “you do you” I guess…

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Tell me - how much homework you can do until you have one to physically test? The homework that I have done is that I have certain expectations with these typical camera products from years of my experience in designing and constructing large-scale CCTV projects with POE-powered cameras using geofencing, radar intrusion detection & other AIs, running on multiple fiber network nodes at different campuses across long distances. I started doing this when they were all old black & white analog Pelco cameras going back more than 30 years.

Just reading the product specs and/or reviews. The darn things don’t even have web servers like previous cameras did; that may have surprised me at first. Unfortunately your expectations did not match what you bought. Good thing they are cheap and returnable. :slight_smile:

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How is this possible? How in the world A9 is transmitting all this data without internet to the app?

Maybe you should stick to the A9. Looks like they fit the bill perfectly for you.

The cam requires internet for remote access via P2P.

It is initially set up via direct WiFi from Cam to Phone, then can be routed thru a WiFi Router for a local P2P connection.

I am still curious about how it accomplishes the SD recording and playback as well as notification services thru the app. Still reading.