Why do I have a purple box around my seconds on my notification recordings?

Hi - I purchased a floodlight camera this weekend, and I am trying to figure out when I get a video notification and go to view it, where it shows the length of the video, the seconds show up in a purple square? None of my other cameras do this.
Any insight on this would be appreciated.

Do you have a trial version or other , of Cam plus on that particular camera?

Pretty sure it has a trial version since I just set it up

I don’t have a Trial Version and all of my Camera’s show up that way. I am not sure it is an issue and I kind of like it. Here is my events screen:

I am running a Beta App and Beta FW, but I have seen this for sometime now.

I see you are new here and because of that fact , I assumed you probably did got a trial version of Cam plus. The purple square around the indicated recording time indicates a Cam plus recording whether that is a trial or paid for , it is the same either way.
If it was a normal non Cam plus recording it would be only 12 seconds, with no purple square


Are you subscribed to Cam plus?

Been on CamPlus Unlimited for sometime, it has always been that way for me…

Thanks everyone. Appears to be a cam plus thing obviously. Totally makes sense now!


Yes , I am subscribed to Cam Plus and I hope I was able to answer your question clearly enough :smiley: