Why cant WYZE leave well enough alone?`

ON 4/15 there was some sort of glitch AGAIN, and since then my cam v3 cams have been acting strange.
I noticed yesterday 4/17 and today 4/18 that some cams are slow blinking a blue light.
In the app you can still see the cams.
I rebooted one and now its blinking red and blue.

I then noticed on some other cam that under the device and firmware that there is an AUTO UPDATE option! I went and turned ALL THAT OFF on all cams that I COULD CONNECT TO.

I dont like this sneaky upgrade. Auto updates can be auto failures. I want it just left alone.

So now I am thinking that I unplugged one during an update.
How many others didnt know about this sneaky added feature to auto update? Am I the only one?

I have a few right now that have been slow blinking blue for a long time, and while you are able to access them in the app, you cannot get into the settings as it says the camera is offline.
Are they indeed updating?

After their last outage one of my cameras is missing the detection grids. Every time they have an outage I unplug all the cameras for a few minutes and turn them back on and then everything works fine. Except this time this camera is the only one giving me problems.