Why can't I share my videos from an album?

I have video recordings stored as albums but nothing happens when I try to share from my iPhone. I’d like to be able to review videos on my iMac. I have had an SD card and just subscribed to CMC.

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I have the same issue. Some of my videos on the album can be shared. But share button for some of the videos does not work. Share button will get dark then go back to grey. I tried making shorter videos but same thing.

I have similar issue. I’ve found that videos aren’t stored in any part of the app which I swear I could use the app previously to view them when I viewed my account? … videos and still images are now stored in my photo album now?.. and from there I can do anything I want with them.

Is this a new feature? And if so, why was I never given a directory option to send to an Album called Wyze?. Just asking, not disgruntled just thinking it was never like this before?..