Why can't I rewind the livestream?

Scenario: We live at the top of 38 stairs from street level. I have a floodlight cam facing down the stairs, a battery cam on the deck above the stairs, and a doorbell cam.

I get a notification someone has triggered the floodlight cam, so I go to see who it is. It goes to live stream and nobody is there because they already passed it. I cannot rewind to see who it is, then the same thing repeats for the deck cam. It sort of defeats the purpose of the immediacy of having security cameras if you can’t have enough advance notice of who it is approaching your home until it’s too late. Once the person is gone, I can finally view the footage after the live stream has completed recording. This is silly.

Yes, I have seen the other threads from two years ago about this, and the ensuing fix-it Friday requests that have gone un-heeded.

So, when is this glaring hole in the security aspect of these cameras going to get resolved?

Rewind a “Liveview”? That’s awesome. Maybe Wyze can implement this next Friday.

Another firmware update!?