Why can you not purchase the socket on its own?

I have been trying to purchase the socket with the USB plug for a while, but do not want to pay $45 for it and the V3 camera. I already have 8 cameras, just would like a new way to power one of them on my front porch. Has anyone inquired about this issue?


Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @johncliftonduke ! :slight_smile:

There was a stand-alone socket offered along with the V3 bundle in the preorder, but I don’t see it in the store ATM. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about when it will be back.

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I would also like this! I was looking at purchasing yesterday and I need 2 starter kits and 4 expansion kits as per the link on the site but the expansion kits are nowhere to be found and support said they don’t exist. It would be nice to buy just the lamp socket expansion kits so I can my 2 groups (each with a camera) and all the necessary lamp sockets needed to control the lights.

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Someone is selling two on the FB Wyze buy/sell group. FYI

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I could sure use a few. Three to be exact. I just bought the v3 camera at Home Depot and three of these sockets would let me power it easily and keep my dusk to dawn lighting.