Why are the Mask such poor quality

Why do the mask immediate break apart when you try to put them on. I have already gone through a dozen of the mask through the new pack and they have all been damaged immediately upon putting the mask on :sob::sob:

Contract customer support.
They shouldn’t come apart that easily.
It looks like the glue is letting go.

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Probably because they’re Chinese rejects. The grocery store I work for has similar masks. One out of every 4 or 5 has a similar failure. I just grab a stapler and staple the broken strap back on.

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Hope that doesn’t happen when someone sneezes in front of you or visa versa ??

I have the same problem with the mask they break apart. I open a ticket and have not received any feedback.

Welcome to the forums! What is your support ticket number, and when did you put the ticket in? I know Support has been swamped and each day are they getting more caught up. If you reply with your ticket number I can send it up and get the status checked for you. Sorry your having this issue! Thanks in advance!

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We’re sorry about that. I would like to send a replacement as most boxes aren’t doing that so consistently. I’ll also share this feedback with the team. May I please have your support ticket number, @DAR99 and @jribot?

Wyze Customer Support



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Customer with breakage issues can you post the Lot# found on the box please … I’d like to check the ones I have . Thanks !

Lot #20200402

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My support number is Wyze Ticket 577701


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Mines has the same lot# but seem to be fine so far

Were the replacement sent?

@jribot, I processed a replacement for you with order 002515096. Thanks for your patience!

@DAR99, I see that a replacement has been approved for you but it hasn’t been completed yet. I’ll poke the team about it for you. Sorry for the delay!

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