Why are my videos not being sent to my Email?

All of a sudden, none of my videos (in my Album) are going to my Email (this is true after waiting 15 hours). Playback and Live Stream are working; I just don’t get any videos in my Email inbox anymore after sending them. Did a Force Close and Factory Reset -still not sending. Normally, I record videos and they go to my Album and I send them to my Email and they show up in my inbox -not anymore. Now, the app looks like it’s sending the videos to my email but they never actually show up. I’m using two Wyze cameras and I have the same problem on both cameras (not sending videos to email). I’m using the Wyze camera V3, Wyze 32 gb SD card, Android phone, set to 360, not using events.

Something must be off. Suggestions appreciated.

thank you

I have never tried to do that, but just did so as a test. Worked just fine. My first suspicion is an issue on your E-Mail. First, check your spam folder. Also, if you have another E-Mail address that you can send to as a test.

I should have stated that, thank you. They’re not in my spam folder, they won’t go to other emails, it’s not an email issue.

Which email client? There used to be an issue using Gmail but not sure what it was.

I have sent videos to my self using Gmail numerous times via an iPhone, just did it yesterday.

I can too. The focus of the question was what client is @shmideo using.

hi there,
Using Gmail for months without issue; Gmail is not the problem.

Android the problem maybe? I just sent myself this video. V3 tagging tree shadow.

I have no problem with Android.

Interesting that you can get video sent to your email. How can you make that happen ? I looked at the app but i could not find that option.

Just a thought on the limit of video in the email, could it be related to the Bandwidth of the of the email account?

If anyone can post on how to send the email with the video would be so helpful to me.

All the best

Bring up an Event video.
Tap the share icon, top right.
Select your email client.

That worked out great, came over as a mp4 video. Is there a way to have the app send them automatically to the email account?

No, not automatically.

Internet service providers are known to occasionally disallow outgoing mail which they arbitrarily consider as spam or suspicious. Check with your ISP to see if they’ve blocked outgoing messages with attachments. For a test, disconnect from WiFi and send yourself a video using mobile data and see what happens or if the result is different.

I have had emails turned on and in 2 years I have never received a video sent to my Gmail. No, it’s not a spam problem. It’s more like Wyze has never sent them. I’m also in the Beta group for several products. This feature has just never worked.

Wyze doesn’t send the emails you do. It’s just part of the sharing process in the OS.

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Oh, I thought you were talking about this settings page. I’ve had these turned on for 2 years. Never received any email


Oh, ok. I’ve seen other’s say the same.
You used to be able to set this online too but I can’t find it now. Everything I touch leads to an ad for some Wyze service.