Why am I paying for this?

Ever since I decided to pay for continuous motion capture, I get “network timed out” for every single clip. Doesn’t matter if I wait a while, always “network timed out”. I have 100% wireless signal strength so it’s not an issue there.
It worked before I paid for it and never has, since.
Why am I paying for this?
Today I power cycled both my cams, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it made no difference.

That is definitely indicative of something not right. These usually involve server issues so your best course of action would be to open a support ticket here.

This is a user to user forum and while we are happy to help we don’t work for Wyze.


Thanks, I’ll do that. I wanted to see if this was a problem other users had experienced before I opened a ticket, as I’ve already had to contact them twice. The feedback is appreciated.