Why am I having so much trouble checking out? Cant get to payment screen

Just trying to figure out how to buy stuff online. Cant get to payment screen.

Welcome to the community @drofter !

How far along have you gotten? Once you add the item to the cart you can proceed to checkout, have you done that?

After putting the hardware items in the cart, I chose “Proceed to Checkout”. I go to a page with my address on it and the cart to the right. At the top, it has “Shipping” with a check mark in front of the word. To the right of Shipping is a dimmed out part that says “2 Review & Payments”. There is no button to advance to pay and the Review part is not clickable.

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If you are not already for the purchase using Chrome, try using Chrome. Works for me.

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Thanks all. Finally figured it out. They were offering a bundled deal online that shouldn’t have been there so it confounded the check out process. It is all sorted out.

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