Why am I getting automation alerts, but no picture or sound?

I have my cameras set to detect sound and motion, however all I get is a black screen on the recorded events. How do I correct this?

Let’s start off with some useful information.
What camera type?
What firmware version?
Do the cameras have any form of CamPlus?
What app version?
What phone type?


Camera is an OG.
Phone is IPhone
Firmware is 1.0.71

If addition to @IEatBeans other questions that still need to be answered, can you clarify these:

So you are getting events from this OG camera that are smart automation events, but they are only showing a black picture? Or by “picture and sound” do you mean you are not getting motion or sound events? What is triggering the automation? Can you upload event videos or screen shots of what your seeing?

OOHH. Your getting an error message, you should have opened with that information.

Just like it says, looks like your having an issue downloading the clips from the cloud. Have you contacted Support yet? What actual app version are you using? Have you tried logging out of the app then back into the app? If not, try that.