Who dunnit? The bird murder-mystery

They could have easily been working together to pull back and slingshot that bird from the nearby tree.

See also, Murder On The Orient Express.

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I have not seen nor read it…though I do know the general gist of the story :slight_smile:

Beautiful cats :slight_smile:

Are they indoor cats or do they go outside and are let to roam wherever they please .

Do you get scared they may get killed , stolen , or lost out their in the world? I’m sure you’ve got them chipped just in case

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They are free to come and go as they please. There is a cat door in my daughter’s window which allows them to go in and out. For the most part they stay on our property. Sometimes they will wonder a couple of houses away, but not too far since there are other cats in the neighborhood that “Own” other nearby territory, so they mostly stay at our house. Pumpking and Aurora basically never leave our property, and Kovu mostly sits on the front porch, but will wonder a little bit. Flower has mostly adopted one of our neighbors because he HATES Kovu (Kovu bullies him and River, and sometimes the others, but mostly Flower and River), and the elderly man LOVES Flower. They called us and asked if it was okay…he feeds and pets and loves Flower, so Flower prefers his house, and since the guy is nice to our kitty, we told him we are totally okay with it. We bring him back home sometimes to trim his fur if it gets matted (he learned not to clean himself because he used to have infected teeth and it would hurt, so if someone doesn’t brush him regularly and clean him, he needs to be shaved in the springtime, etc).

I believe they’re all chipped (1 or 2 might not be, I can’t remember). We usually have them wearing collars with bells and a little tag with our phone number and our street, and asking people to be nice to them and something unique about the individual cat.

We did have Flower get stolen once…as you can see above.

I do worry about them a little. A neighbor a couple of blocks to the south had their cat come home with a 22 bullet inside their cat (took it to the vet and an Xray found someone had shot their cat with a 22), though my cats don’t ever stray that far, but it’s still sad. My road has fairly low traffic, so I’m not very concerned about that, and most of my neighbors love our kitties. But you never know…some people can be complete psychopaths when it comes to animals, so there is always some concern.

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