Whizzing Sound Post-AWS Outage Yesterday

I have two Wyze Cams v2 and three Pans. For the first time, one of my v2 Cams has hyperbolically “died” after the AWS IoT Maintenance service issues yesterday. I do have a yellow light on the back of it. Still, it won’t connect to the internet after power cycling, on and off, or even deleting then trying to add back. It’s a helluva coincidence otherwise if it’s just spontaneously stopped working. Is anyone else experiencing this?

It’s within a few feet from the router. Nothing’s changed, So I’m going to try using a different power cord. Firmware is up to date, so maybe I can somehow flash the cam to do that whole firmware downgrade/upgrade that I think some have done in the past, I don’t remember if the Wyze cam has some sort of other “RESET TO DEFAULTS” option.

EDIT: I unplugged the cable, and now no yellow light. I tried other cables and the same thing. It intermittently makes this whizzing sound, apparently coming from within the speaker, but no yellow light still.

Interesting! I haven’t had this happen yet(and that’s a good thing). If it’s still under warranty contact Wyze and try to get a replacement.