White V2 vs Black V2 detection Zone

@R.good @towelkingdom , weird thing. I did the same that @r.good indicated and it showed updates including a Vacuum update for version 1.6.130. Then it vanished.

Plus the new Beta Version for the V2’s are :slight_smile:

you guys at that?

Vacuum is updating now to the version 1.6.130
V2 Camera’s at at now as well

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Yessir… Got the VAC update, Headphones, V2s, and Pan Cam… I rarely not look, so I thought it was odd that all the sudden I had so many updates.


Yes, that’s what my V2 is at now.

I also didn’t realize I was not in the beta for the watch 44,so I opted in to that and got an update right away.

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I wish they would select the new devices by default, assuming you are in the Beta Program.
But I am sure that someone would complain about that too. :slight_smile:

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I had completely forgotten about that beta section buried in the account>about section.

I wonder if I put the Wyze sense v1 I’ve never gotten connected into beta if that would make it start working. :joy: :joy: I just got the email notification for Wyze they are sending me a new starter kit with a bridge.

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That’s great news. Why not try the current one. If it works, that would be great. You could always stand up a Home Assistant box and plug the bridge into the USB port and load the Wyze add-on that supports the bridge, then you could have a Dashboard with all of your Wyze devices in it. :slight_smile:

Wait what? What’s a home assistant box?

I got 6 v1 replacements when mine bricked… 3 came bricked :grin: then they sent me 3 more.

Now I have 5 V2s just waiting for the end of the road.

Although we’ve come… to the end of the roaaaad, still I can’t let gooooo. The V1s beloooong to meeeee


LOL - Home Assitant is a SmartThings and Hubitat competitor and seems to be doing quite well. Very flexible but not for the faint hearted. Here is a Link

I actually loaded a Docker App on my UnRaid NAS device. I then loaded one of the Wyze API’s which require the UserID and PWD to get access to your Wyze products. I have posted a screen shot of my Dashboard. (Just playing for now).

There is another API, you can have them both loaded, which allows for the V1 Bridge to be plugged into the USB port and then connect to your V1 Sensors and use them as well. With V1 going away, the developer stopped working with it, but the V2 is being worked on but the other API. so its a win win. Now, once you have them loaded, you can then setup rules and triggers between Wyze Sensors and non-Wyze devices. This would be the ultimate as the limitation would only hampered by your imagination or lack there of. :slight_smile:

If you are going to connec to other Non-Wyze Sensors via Zigbee or Zwave, you would need 1 additional USB dongal which contains the Zwave and Zigbee antennas.

Make sense?

Here is my basic Dashboard, I am only playing at this time. I believe @Carverofchoice uses or plays with Home Assitant as well.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: I 100% sang that in my head.


Wow! That’s nice! I could probably figure it out, but for now I think I’m good where I am. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Sang it while I typed it, lol.

Brain filling = 65% Songs, 35% Movie Quotes.


For sure, Alexa and I are doing just fine for now. Trying to figure out a way to make a cook dinner routine :rofl: