White throated Sparrow and Friends, nice close-ups


Took a while but I knew I’d heard ‘throated sparrow’ in song somewhere!

Turns out it follows one of my favorite guitar passages. :grin:

Happy New Year, Ann!   :bird:


Funny I don’t even remember that being said (runt throated Sparrow) in that tune. That song does sound familiar.

Redditors check in (from the ornithology sub.) :wink:

Funny, I was just looking at the same thread haha.


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The house finch is a red necked sparrow-lookalike, and is native to Southern Ontario, where Neil Young is from. (Source: I’m also from there!)

I have always loved that song. Quiz of the day: who is the subject of that song?

Judy Collins. Stephen Stills girlfriend at the time.


Very good, Ann. You win a cookie. I’m old enough to remember hearing it on the local AM station when it first came out. It hard to believe it was released over 50 years ago. :astonished:

I was in high school when I went to a Crosby stills Nash and Young concert in Calif.



Which other fetching :canada: songbird (sometimes confused with Judy) was linked to Mr. Nash in those days (maybe Her Old Man, maybe not.)

Hint: No more hints. :wink:

They (and their first two albums) were magically delicious…

Little known fact:

They fit on an 80 min CD. Put Deja Vu first! :grin:

Joni Mitchell. Nash wrote “Our House” for her. She also had a relationship with Crosby.




Is that an original drawing from Joni?

We have certainly strayed off of Ann’s original path. :rofl:

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It’s not about us. We are generously giving Ann a chance to chide us, a safe place for her to exercise that side of herself, because we are gentle loving creatures who take criticism well. We are good. :wink:

(I think so. Bottom right corner :slight_smile: )


Ha, that song always comes to mind when I think about this little house I live in.

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I didn’t know all their songs. But what you said made me think of Luck Charms haha.
I’m packing up for my trip to Calif next week. Hopefully my daughter will remember to toss the sunflower seeds on the table when she comes to collect eggs from the coop.


Scary how effective those commercial jingles are, eh? Like a Barry Manilow song…

…he started out a jingle maker, IIRC. :slight_smile:

Have a great trip!

Ha. I didn’t know that. I have some of his songs still. He has a beautiful wife and kids. If I remember correctly, his daughter sings too.

I knew that, @peepeep. I even have the album that has this medley. LOL

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