White-on-white spell check replacements

Using 2.10.80.

Noticed for some time but I wasn’t sure if the problem was elsewhere.

When a word is possibly misspelled, an underline appears under the word. When clicking the word, the possible options appears in a white font on white background. If you “blindly” select the first option, it may not be the selection you wanted.

I turned off Force Dark mode long ago to observe any changes, but issue remains. I have seen this occur many time but only within the Wyze app.

I guess I am the only one seeing this issue. :thinking:

I can’t find where you are seeing this.

Try creating a misspelled word within your sentence. You should see the misspelled word underlined in the editor. Click on the underlined word and observe a pop-up box. You should see a vertical list of choices to replace the misspelled word. Select one to make change.

In my attached screenshot, you should see that a white box appear. If I touch inside the box, an option is selected. If lucky, the word is replaced correctly.

My box shows white words on a white background.

As far as I can tell you’re talking about some 3rd party web forum software they happen to use on the web site (and link from the app). Sorry it’s happening for you but this doesn’t seem like a high priority bug…

Edit: seems as if it’s related to whatever your default keyboard applet is.

I use the dark theme and it looks like this. White letters on black is easy to see.

Edit: Are you using the editor through the app instead of using a browser?

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Thanks @StopICU33 ,

I will try dark mode.

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Another one to the DarkSide . . . :scream_cat:

Still have issues but now with black on black.