Which TCP/IP stacks does Wyze Use?

Which TCP/IP stacks does Wyze Use?

What is that supposed to mean? I believe the cameras still run Linux. Are you asking what ports it uses to communicate?

If you’re looking for TCP and UDP port info, it’s listed here:


I’m not sure about this topic. Except I red how important it is…

They refer to TCP/IP stacks.

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I don’t have an answer for you with regards to this latest vulnerability/exploit (Amnesia:33), but I’ll see if I can get a response for you from a Wyze team member.

Thank you.

I don’t see why you should bother escalating. There’s not a single Wyze product that holds a public IP address. They are all safely behind NAT routers. Any use of this attack, even if it applied to Wyze firmware’s OS, would be limited to people/devices on your home network. I think.

(Technically it’s possible for a Wyzecam to pull a public address if your DHCP server were configured to supply it (or you chose to port forward) but who would do that?)

I was only looking for a yes/no answer to if it is an issue.

Some do port forwarding. How else are you going to view your Wyze cams with RSTP firmware from work using VLC?

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I’m waiting for answers about the last couple of products and will give an official response then. But I can already confirm that most of our products are not affected by Amensia:33. I’ll report back with my findings when I’ve got the final confirmation of everything. :slight_smile:


Thank you Gwendolyn.

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Yes but that should be only a single port. You’re right though, the surface of these attacks seems pretty wide and that might be enough. Thanks for checking @WyzeGwendolyn.