Which is better in low light / dark area's outdoors?

I have a wyze outdoor cam (base station), that I have not setup yet.

I want to place 2 cams, on the back of the house.
Under a sheltered, Portico area.

One will monitor the back entrance (low light).area

The other will monitor the Hatch way area, into the basement (no light).

Which one is best for either area ?

Or should I get a little, “motion detection lighting”, for the Hatch way area, too ?

I love the V3’s,
But I now have “3” V2’s laying around, gathering dust.
And no “Wyze Rover”, to mount them on ! :unamused:

Thx !

For low light, the V3 wins hands down.
As for the V2 cameras, there are all kinds of things that you can use them for.

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I am stuck with a super slow “Non Cost Effective” internet provider.

Until more competition moves into my area and the prices start to go down.

Then I am up against a limited # of devices (14), I can use around the clock .

Still searching for a workaround, for that.

Maybe someone else will have an idea about how ISP’s might monitor device count AND the possibility of adding a second router as a slave with DHCP disabled and connecting cameras to the slave router. I had used a slave router at one point in time just to see how simple it was and if it worked and it did work. But I have no idea how an ISP would monitor exactly how many devices are on your local network, maybe it would only see the slave router to which you would connect your cameras.

What creates this limit? The wifi source/access point/router you use? The isp itself?

They say they no longer carry my DSL internet product (2008).

So they want to charge me, 2+ months worth of Ser Charges. Just to come out and upgrade me to their new service. At a $70-120 monthly increase.

Now that’s a nice Ransone / hijack or just a straight Sea Pirate move !

Which is 2-3x what T-Mob will be bringing into my area. It’s just not on my block yet.

I’ve been waiting 5 months now.

Might try the dual router method.
I do have a couple of travel routers (1 a hotspot / travel RT).

While I wait and my New, never mind the old, Wyse products pile up !

Might try the dual router method.

I’ve been thinking about it long n hard.

I have a couple of travel routers (1 a hotspot / travel RT).