Where/when do you get notifications for indoor cameras?

I have set up two indoor cameras and I am currently on the free premium trial with person detection set up, however I am not seeing any notifications when a person passes through the camera’s view.

Hello @gardjones and welcome to the community.

You say you are signed up for the free trial of Cam Plus, please make sure the Cam Plus trial is associated with that cam by going to the app, Account → Services → Cam Plus Free Trial and make sure it is associated to the camera. Then go to the camera settings and make sure under notifications you have notify on person detection turned on. If those don’t solve it I would then try restarting the cam.

Thank you Jason.
I’ve tried both with no success.
How are you supposed to be notified? Text, email, what…
Thank you so much

I am a newbie How do you sign up for a free trial?. I thought person detection was standard. I don’t get notificatons with my out door cam on android and where are and how to access rolling 14 day storage recordings ?

@gardjones, it’s an app notification that pops up on your device. Go into your event tab off the main page, do you see any video events? You may have to go back a day or two as it is now past midnight. Trying to narrow down if you arnt getting notifications or arnt getting event videos which means no notifications.

@spacepro, PD is not standard, when you activate a new camera you get a small free trial of camplus (which is PD and Complete motion capture). But that is not available in the WCO yet, which looks like what you have.
Just want to confirm, do you have a Wyze cam outdoor? Or a indoor cam that is mounted outdoors? Your 14 day cloud storage is in the event tab off the main page.

Thank you @Omigitstony,
I’m am up and working now.

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Glad to hear! How’d ya fix the issue? Just wondering in case users that can relate to this thread later on can know what to do to fix it. Thanks in advance!

Embarrassingly easy.
Open the camera, go to settings in upper right, turn on motion.l had done that, but it some times turned itself off, perhaps when there is a loss of power, or internet…

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I bet the settings didn’t take because you may have not been “connected” to the camera. When you click into a camera, wait for the live stream to start, then go into the settings. If you go to quickly into settings, a default ghosty settings will show, and any changes you make won’t save. Thanks for the update!