Where to vote for features

First off. The image quality is great but there are a few things I would change.
Obviously RTSP.

An option to offload the SDcard to a network share or FTP every 30 minutes or hour would also be fine for me. The reason I want RTSP is so I can save the data if the camera gets stolen. Plus that way I won’t run out of space if you can set it to delete files upon upload.

This is a big one for me as well and that is more options with the detection zone. Allow 2 zones, And the ability to configure sensitivity on both. Or at least 1 zone but the ability to change the shape of it. If I want to do my front yard and driveway, but not have the cars driving down the street set of detection every time I have to eliminate a good portion of the image, or move my camera. This would be a great feature.

Adjust the forums for newest at the top. This is very a pain to read an update or reply but I’ll take the camera stuff first haha.

On the V3 I’d like more powerful night vision. Or find a way to use the USB port and have an add on for an IR floodlight to make the night vision work REALLY well. This would be a huge seller as it would make a great home security device for your yard and driveway when it’s dark out.

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