Where to connect C Wire? (No control board)

Bellow are some pictures

If I measure the red wire with the Y, G or W I get 24v. I tried to find a place to connect the blue wire measuring the red wire with a lot of others wires inside my AC but I usually get 110 or 220v.

I didn’t tried to measure the red wire against the wires on the transformer because I’m afraid of short circuit something.

Where I connect my blue wire?

Thank you.

so many wires, lol. I can’t even tell where the transformer is…I bet @speadie can :slight_smile:

I’ll get a better photo of the transformer

This should be C.

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Can you zoom out a little? hehehe

But thank you. I’ll still try to get a better photo.


The C wire from the transformer is violet and goes to the sequencer. I think the yellow wire goes from the same terminal on that sequencer to the fan relay, but it’s hard to tell. If when you attach the C wire to that wirenut and to your wyze, your fan runs constantly, then you’d need to get a cleaner image of this area, and possibly attach a new wire to the same 24v terminal that the violet wire from the transformer is attached to. But I’m pretty sure that low voltage yellow wires are already hooked up there- otherwise the wiring in the rest of the furnace wouldn’t make any sense.

Mind: In that image, the wires attached to the upper terminals on the sequencer are high voltage.
only the lowest copper/brass colored terminal on the sequencer is low voltage.

It’s working using the yellow wire.

Thank you very much.

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