Where should I put this camera?

I recently moved to a mobile home. I would like to have a camera on my front door for package delivery notification. I have no outside plug ins near the front door. The door has one very small window near the top. There is a window about six feet from the door which is where I have my camera now. It is very ineffective. It records little to no movement on the porch but gets every car driving by (face palm). Most delivery drivers do not step onto the porch but instead place items on the porch from the ground. There is also a. glare/reflection which renders it unusable at night. I’m not sure where else to put this thing though. Any creative solutions?

To fix the ‘cars issue’, go to detection settings and set the detection zone so it wont activate with road motion. As for where to put it? I’ve had 5 for over 1 year and suddenly they’ve become unreliable in sending push notifications, which is less than comforting at night…Mine are going in the trash if they don’t get this fixed!!

Oh, and good luck, hope they work out well for you…

You can put an adapter in an outside light to add a plug.
I do that at my front door. I use a Wifi bulb so I can leave the socket on all of the time.

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Flat USB cable under the window. Camera should be okay outside.

Yes, I have attempted to set a detection zone, but have found that it overlaps the road no matter where I put it.

For your issue: I had the same problem at my old house and found that it was my wifi. The cam was constantly disconnecting and then would take a long time to reconnect and send me notifications. I solved this by setting up a routine to restart the cam every 3-4 hours.

Oh! Good idea! I do have screens in the window, but I may be able to fish it out the door!

Brillant! I hadn’t considered this! I do have an outdoor light right next to the door! I will have to look into the plugs!

Whatever you use it should be protected from rain/snow. It may be a tight fit.

I use this combo with the standard WYZE USB adapter;
I need both pieces to get everything inside my light fixture shade.

You can use these with USB ports built in if it will physically fit in your light fixture;

Pity there isn’t a slimmer socket adapter with USB. Poster @trjelliff could also consider these, depending how important the bulb is.

There are other variants.

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I have mine in this type of fixture.

My solutions has been this:

I purchased this light bulb adapter with USB charging port https://www.amazon.com/Power-LampCharger-Adapter-Charging-Station/dp/B07P9SDHRY

I then had the issue of the light being on 24/7 because the switch had to be on to power the camera. The adapter does have a small switch on the side, but it is only accessible by putting my hand inside the light fixture and feeling around for it.

I solved this by getting an Alexa enabled light bulb

I also purchased an outside enclosure since my porch is not covered https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y9DTCC8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I’ve been using this set up for about two weeks, and it’s working very well!

Thank you all for your input!


Thanks for getting back to us and glad you found a suitable setup.

Of course Wyze themselves have a very affordable Alexa compatible WiFi smart bulb. I got two essentially free when I bought a bundle. This helps cut down on the number of different apps you have to run / depend on…

I prefer generic bulbs and plugs. Supported by many apps rather than WYZE proprietary bulbs.
I don’t mind cameras in their own app.