Where’s the bulb reconnect button?


What happened to the “reconnect” button in the iOS Wyze app? It was there. It was useful. It made the bulbs a much smaller pain in the posterior. It disappeared without a trace.

Why does Wyze hate its users?

Hates it’s users may be a little much. Although I forgot about that anytime I have issues now I just have to delete the light and Add it back reconnect would be much more convenient

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Deleting and adding it back will do the same as the reconnect button. Also, if your bulb(s) go offline try turning the light fixture that the bulb is installed in off then back on(this is called power cycling).

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Yep. the one “standard” that seems to have held across all brands all sources is on-off-on-off-on

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Power cycling is what I’ve been doing so far. Let’s just say, inconvenient in my situation which is why I bought voice-controllable bulbs in the first place. (Implied anger not directed at you, but merely a mark of my frustration).

A question about delete/re-add. My brain dredges up images of having to go through the setup procedure with all the fun changing-WiFi-networks-on-the phone-and-power-cycling and all that. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re not a masochist and that the casual “just delete and re-add” really is just a couple clicks (where it’s obvious what’s supposed to be clicked) and then it’s back with all its settings.

It’s 2020 and this is Wyze (motto: “Release something new so they don’t notice the last one doesn’t work”) so it’s hard to be optimistic. Forgive me for asking.

Of course in the time it took me to write this I could have just tried it out, but the rant was kind of fun. Like I said: it’s 2020. Give me this.