Where Oh Where Have the Details gone?

I am running two v3 pros and 1 v3.
The v3 works fine and records all events both on line and on the SD card.

The v3 pro for the backyard also works fine recording all events to the cloud and onto the SD card and also includes a very cool feature of quick thumbnails. Very cool.

The v3 pro for the front yard just does what ever it feels like. Sometimes it records and sometimes it doesn’t. And, that is both for the cloud and the SD card.

I have restarted the camera several times and reformatted the SD card and still, recording is a complete hit and miss.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

Looking forward to your responses.


Swap your V3Pro cams. Is it the FOV or is it the Cam? If the problem stays with the location, the cam needs to be retuned for that FOV. Are both of them open view or is one behind glass? Unless they are side by side, you can’t expect them to require the same settings. Is the FW the same on both? Many variables to check.

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Hey Slabslayer:

Frustrations abound.
Backyard V3 pro works just fine. Buy, front yard V3 pro does not record events to the cloud.

You state FOV… Field of View?
FW. ?

Event recording is not happening.
FOV works fine.

Rick Allen
Theme Park Design Director

My point was that because each cam has a unique Field of View, it is expected that each may have a variance in settings.

Are the cams assigned to any license?

What are the Detection Zone, Sensitivity, Event Recording, Smart AI, and Notification settings?

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Hey SlabSlayer:

Works by in the film industry, I am aware of FOV’s.
I have licenses of all of my cameras.
Detection Zone: 70
Motion Tagging: On
Detection Zone: On
Record Motion Events: On
Smart Detection Events: On
Smart Detections: Person, Friendly Faces, Pet, Vehicle, Package.
Notifications: On. All Events
Advance Settings: Record to Micro SD Card:
Events Only
Night Vision Mode: Auto
Time is Synced.

So, my question is: Why is the event recording for my front camera become a hit and miss? Everything is recorded to the SD Cards but, not to the cloud.

Any ideas?

Rick Allen
Theme Park Design Director

That is a great question. And one that no one can answer without a lot of hands on troubleshooting.

Provided that there isn’t an added factor, like shooting thru glass or something like that, or a WiFi connectivity issue affecting uploads periodically, and the settings are somewhat similar to the back cam, the only thing that can be questioned is cam placement and the FOV.

The cams have an AI recognition sweet spot. Eye level with crossing traffic is the sweet spot. The farther the cam gets from that, the worse the recognition gets because the objects look less like what they should on profile. Lighting is also an issue.

So the question remains, is it the Cam or is it the Cam placement causing the issue? That brings me back to my first suggestion. Swap the cams. If the problem follows the cam, it’s the cam. If the problem stays on location, it is the cam placement.

I’ll swap cameras today and let you know the results.


Rick Allen
Theme Park Design Director