Where may I vote or request for a simple version of the Wyze iOS app>

I have enjoyed the past two years of iOS Wyze apps, but I’m afraid the recent version changes are making a once stable, easy to use and understandable user interface into some different.

I would like to propose multiple versions of future Wyze applications. But I don’t know where to make this request.

A base version of the application without all the optional “APIs or hooks” for the all different add-on and/or third-party services - allowing the widest of entry-level retail customer user at the price point, while reverting back an easier to read, spacious UI of the past with a single Wyze ecosystem.

Another pro-sumer version which includes enhancements which changes the camera and other devices into something more than the original intent target market, allowing special, different use cases, integrations and customization.

Just a thought for iOS applications.