Where do I view the recordings? Nothing in events…

Btw, Wyze currently uses the “pets” label for all animals. They have said they are Gunna rename it and add more categories sometimes. For now, just report them as pets.

You made it sound like you were submitting the videos to Wyze and marking them as not pets. Please don’t do that! It’s definitely a confusing label.

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So there is no web-view I can look at on another computer – just the ‘events’ where I have the app downloaded?

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If you are a CamPlus subscriber, your subscription includes access to Wyze WebView. There, you can live stream cam video for most subscribed cams (some models are not yet supported) and also view the same recorded and saved Events that you would also access in your Events Tab.

Wyze WebView is still in Beta development, so some features may yet to be turned on.

Go to Live stream - Wyze and login with your Wyze account credentials to get started.

No I let any critter remain tagged as PET.