Where camera starts recording person

We have our CamV3 mounted outside 60 feet away from our front door. We have the motion detection sensitivity setting at 90. When we walk out our front door and walk directly toward the camera it doesn’t start recording a person until they are at about 30 feet from the camera. It will record the person if we walk past the front door from a different angle so it appears that the camera is able to record at the distance our front door is from the camera. We just don’t understand why it doesn’t start recording at the front door which is what we want it to do. How do we get it to start recording earlier? TIA

Unfortunately, this has less to do with the motion detection sensitivity of the Cam V3 and more to do with the Person Detection algorithm software on the Wyze Servers where the AI Bot lives.

My CamV3 will do a phenomenal job of picking up and recording person detection events when the person is at cam level and moving across the field of view, even at an incredible distance. However, when the person is moving toward the cam or away from it, it doesn’t do such a good job. It ALSO does not like a steep down angle.

One option would be to set your cam to record all motion events, but only be notified of Person AI. You could reposition it to get more of a profile shot, Use automation from a contact or motion sensor at the door to fire a rule\routine for the cam to record automatically.

I also recommend an SD card set to record continuous.


Could you post a picture of what your setup looks like from the cameras view? I think if I have an idea of what you’re talking about but it might help us troubleshoot it a little bit better seeing for sure what you’re describing


Yes, 60 feet sounds like a long way. I wonder if that would be across the street from my house? I too would like to see what percentage of the picture was the person.

Remember people crossing from side-to-side will always be more obvious movement than a person growing slowly as they approach the camera.