When you receive good news

Ok, So the history on this video (I cant believe the WYZECAM captured this whole ordeal):

Monday seemed like a day for the record books with allot of good news coming from all rays of good beamed lights!
Im usually the first one home and when my wife gets home, She tells me about her day and then I proceed to talk about my day.
This is where it gets really weird, exciting and made this 44 year old return to the fountain of youth with excessive and endless happiness (Im Still hella happy). I was talking to my wife (Kid you not) about the profile contest, and receiving my email for IOS beta software testing… Well as im telling her all about the WYZECAM company (Shes so not tech its not even funny… But she will listen to me all day long! My number one fan!)
And how I forsee this company doing incredible things. Well unbeknown to me , I had received an email while talking to my wife… Funny thing is I was showing her the forum and explaining how to sign up and all that, while having one of my phones on me too… end up leaning on the counter and happen to look at my phone (I keep my phones on constant alerts, so that I dont go too long and miss an important notification… )
I look down at my phone and flipped! I killed the audio(Allot of improper language, Sailor style!lol)…
Look at the time stamp… It recorded from the start of the sound made for up to 3 minutes… I had to trim it , but here it is!

I have two other cameras in the living room and NEITHER of those caught this whole ordeal (They are set to Home mode and do not record when we are home). Im glad we have a choice to pick either audio/video or both triggers if we desire… Hands down, the sound alert has worked like a charm (All things considered cough cough dogs)
FYI: The little things in life make me happy and when I can contribute anything to help, it makes me happy!
Thanks again WYZECAM Team!


trying again

It wont upload… ive tried 2 different formats…

Put it on youtube and post a link? Or Dropbox?


Ok…that’s too cute. lol

So now the cats out the bag. The good news I had received was being accepted to be apart of the beta team. I still get a kick out of it