When the month changes, will I still have access to the "previous" month of power usage data?

So, I’ve recently purchase 2 Wyze outdoor power plugs. I love these so far. I purchased them for energy usage monitoring. I would have purchased the indoor plugs had they offered the energy usage monitoring feature. It doesn’t really matter to me though. I’m using them exclusively inside at the moment and they do what I want.

My question is, what happens, when we enter a “new” month in 2 days? Will I be able to access the previous month of energy usage data or do I need to snapshot that on the last day of the month to save the data for my personal use?

Simple question, thanks for reading!


Nope. That data will no longer be available. That is something that has been requested many times.

Yikes!!! I’m so glad I asked. I thought it would be a stupid question but, otoh, I see no indications that the data will be saved for prior months. I will be snapshotting these usage graphs on the last day of each month until Wyze get’s their “crap” together and puts a feature in for this product that is really just…common sense…that people would want.

Thanks for your reply!!!

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You can suggest new features such as this in the #wishlist and make sure to vote for it! Ik i will :smiley:


If you want this feature, add your :+1:t2: vote to the wishlist thread: Outdoor Plug usage history should not reset on the first of the month

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