When is ventilator triggered?

How and when does the wyze thermostat trigger the ventilator on the * wire? I have a simple, normally closed 24vac damper on a duct to outside. A spring closes the damper when it is de-energized. I used to hear the damper open periodically with my Honeywell system - that could be programmed following ASHRAE standards.

During set up it asks if I want to use the ventilator to help cool the house. When else will Wyze energize that circuit?

It would be nice to have manual control over this too.


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+1 to this thread. In switching to a Wyze thermostat, I no longer know when the ventilator will run and have no manual control to automatically trigger it. Please advise.

Resurrecting this question since it never got a response and the app does not have any obvious control for the the timing of the vent damper operating. Do I really have to get a Honeywell w8150 to restore this function to my system?