When I save a clip from recorded video on microSD card the video shows top left corner of the screen only

I can view the recorded video fine. I save Continuous video on my 64GB microSD card and it saves about 10 days worth on 360p quality.
But when I save a clip from the recorded video, It saves a clip that shows only top left corner of the screen.
For example, my recorded video shows my whole front yard and the houses in front.
But the saved clip shows only top left corner which is the sky above the roof of the house in the front.

Have you tried using a different microSD card inside of the camera?

I leave it on 360p normally.

I switched to HD and the saved clip looked normal.
I switched to SD and it saves only top left corner.

So It is not right… The camera only wants it in HD.
I don’t want to record in HD all the time because it will use more wifi. Comcast wifi is limited to 1050 GB per month and my family barely make it every month.

I have a different 32gb card of different brand on its way.
I will see if it makes any difference.

I found a solution.

If I change the streaming speed to HD before accessing recorded video, the clips get saved normally, even if they were originally recorded in 360p quality.



Just want to clarify one point: The quality mode doesn’t affect your wifi usage as it pertains to SD card recording because the data never leaves the camera. However, the quality mode for the SD card and live stream are tied together, so you will use more data when live streaming in HD (only outside your home network). Live streaming inside your home network remains within your home network.

Also, the 12 second clips will use a bit more data uploading to the cloud in HD, but those are spaced every 5 minutes minimum and only 12 seconds long, so that effect should be minor.

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Could you please post the app version, phone model and OS version and camera firmware version that this occurs on so that we can get the bug reported properly?


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What a weird bug! Thanks for reporting this, @edhchoe. Could you please send us an app/firmware log through the Help & Feedback section of My Account? We’d like to take a look at this. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The Wyze engineers have confirmed now that they can reproduce this, so expect a fix to be included in a future update. No promises about exactly when though.


Any update on the fix on this bug?