When I plug in a second Bulb, the other goes out

I have a few Wyze Bulbs throughout my house already and love them - absolutely no problems with setup and use. I got another 4 pack to replace several other bulbs in the house because the first 4 worked so well. Here’s the thing, though: I have a switch that operates three bulbs - one of them is a Wyze Bulb. As soon as I screw in a second Wyze Bulb, all the other bulbs on the switch go out. There is no circuit breaker tripped or anything and if i unscrew the second wyze bulb and flip the switch, the other bulbs come back on.

I tried setting the bulb up on a different lamp and then screwing it into this fixture, but the same thing happens - the other bulbs go out as soon as i screw the second Wyze bulb in. Am I doing something wrong? I am not electrically inclined, but would appreciate some help.

Are the bulbs wired in series or parallel? If they are in series, when one bulb goes out, they all go out (like Christmas lights do).

Not sure how i might check that, but I don’t think that 's the case. The lights work fine with regular LED bulbs in them - if i unscrew one, the others stay on. It’s only when I plug in a second wyze bulb that the other goes out. how can I begin to troubleshoot this?