When I attempt to preorder the new nightlight 3 pack it hangs on the Shipping tab prior to payment

I received the email to preorder the new nightlight 3 pack. I clicked the link and was taken to the Wyze website. I selected the product and clicked Next which brings me to the Shipping tab. The website populated my name and address, but the cursor is stuck spinning and not taking me to the Review & Payments tab. This happens on both Google Chrome browser and FireFox.

I received a response from Wyze Tech Support the solution that worked for me was to use Incognito mode in my Chrome browser. That got me past the hung process. Here is the complete list of suggested solutions from Tech Support…

If you’re having trouble placing an order on the website, please try the troubleshooting steps to see if it works.

  • Try placing the order at wyze.com

  • Clear Cache

  • Try using other browsers

  • Try switching to incognito mode

  • Logout/Login

  • Try using other devices

  • If still no go, restart your device and place the order again after an hour.