When did they depart?

This is a short version of an event video I recorded from playback. V3 with Cam Plus and SD card, set for event recording. Original event starts a 00:24:50 and ends at 00:25:30. The cam starts when it sees the headlights coming down the street, my LED motion lights come on when car is in view. The passenger with the red hat checks out the cam in plain view. They park on the other side of the street but the cam never shows them departing ???. Maybe to far, it is only about 60 feet away. The next event video wasn’t until 1:20 AM, a raccoon of course, walked under my truck, crossed the street and sat by the covered truck in the driveway over there. I would think the V3 would have seen that silver car depart ?? Those shady characters do not live on this street. Cam sensitivity is at 100%

I would think it would catch all of it on the local storage and save atleast until the 00:25:59 mark on the timecode. The motion tagging stops as they pass the chain link fence with the gate. Hmm… Maybe time for local storage set to continuous?

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The original event video and the one on the SD card both stop at 00:25:30. I thought about changing to continuous recording from maybe 10:PM- 5:00 AM but I don’t know if I want to sift through 7 hours of video to see if anything interesting occurred. I could move one of my WCO to view the same basic area at least then I would get an alert which I don’t believe happens with continuous recording, correct?
If they would have kept moving the cam would have recorded it until they were out of sight, it does it all the time when cars come down and turn around and go back.

If you still had the cloud recording enabled, and fairly trust it’s detection, you could use the playback link to jump to the continuous footage so you wouldn’t have to “scrub” looking for stuff.

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If you had your SD card set to continuous recording, then it would only be a matter of spinning the timeline until the car disappears, then backing up until it appears, then expanding the timeline with a reverse-pinch and going to where they left. Takes less than a minute.

Also, continuous would have recorded the faint things they did when they came back to the car, like maybe throwing a bicycle in the trunk. :wink:


I have SD Cards and set to record on events. I was trying to figure out a case for it to be continuous until now. This is a great example to set it for continuous motion.

I will give continuous a try tonight just for the experience. I will probably get 7 hours of raccoon, cat and possum videos :upside_down_face:

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Hi Antonius,

Have you tweaked your Detection Zone to include the upper-left part of the street that they arrive and depart from?

I have no detection zone set, I have found it useless. I tried blocking out the tree to the right of my driveway and still got motion tagging in the dark zone. Turned tagging off got the same thing, waste of time.

That’s a bummer. It works on my V3’s quite well.

I also live on a cul-de-sac as you appear to. When I first moved here, I immediately noted the increased incidence of “shady characters” as you call them cruising this dead end block compared to the street where I lived before, very close to here. Thought it was my imagination at first, but then an experienced cop explained a number of reasons why it’s actually true: shady characters out for no good do prefer cul de sacs. In fact, it’s pretty a much a magnet for those types. Most mornings my Events include at least one car slowly cruising the block after midnight with headlights out, hooded guys door-checking parked cars, or a wandering vagrant or two on foot straying up onto my property and lingering a while. None of this ever happened on my previous street.

Less foot traffic to bother them perhaps? Fewer street lights? I’m on a corner and the city switched to very bright lights on both sides.

Since they changed to brighter lights, graffiti is way down. Also I haven’t seen smashed car windows lately.

On the downside, I can’t see stars any more. Forget about using the V3s to stargaze.

I tried continuous recording last night, works quite well. 4 raccoon events and one car. The car is the neighbors newspaper delivery guy that comes every morning between 1-2 AM, He barley even slows down as he comes down the street, throws the paper and makes a fast turn around in the court. I have had a few cars come down here in the early morning without lights on in the past. They don’t like my 2 bright LED motion lights when they turn on.