When did the SD Card Timeline ‘Tint’ Occur?

The former

The latter


As an SD Card Events man the former suits me better.

I can see how the latter may better suit an SD Card Continuous man.

And I suspect the great majority are Continuous men.


I have low confidence that any ‘appeal to reverse’ will succeed. :face_holding_back_tears:


What say you?

I prefer:

  • The former :+1:
  • The latter :-1:

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I am an:

  • Events man :+1:
  • Continuous man :-1:

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As I have said many times, the Wyze color scheme is HORRIBLE Making it lighter is worse.


I don’t really care myself.

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Upon discovery, found myself blurting something on the order of %$&^*@ while I scrubbed around among multiple 1-minute events… Hard to distinguish at the current tint. :slight_smile:

Young man, really good vision? :slight_smile:

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Wow. That’s quite gender pronoun specific. :flushed:

At any rate, Yes. Lighter no bueno.

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Good man! :wink:

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In any case, why change the cursor to cyan ?

If there’s a rationale for that I’d like to hear it. :slight_smile:


Nice Catch Peep. That is an interesting change. So far almost everyone prefers the former color scheme. It is too hard to see short events in the lighter color scheme.

I always record continuous on every cam, but I still think it should be the darker version because it is too hard to see events for those who use it.

I will say that the new color LOOKS really nice when in continuous mode, especially compared to the old darker color. It is more gentle/soothing and not as LOUD visually. But despite the nice aesthetic in continuous mode, it makes events look WAY worse and feel harder to use.

The results of the 2 polls are not surprising me so far:


I guess it was introduced in app v. 2.30.0 (130)? Hadn’t noticed it before that (and haven’t installed the latest app.)

I think the app default setting is Continuous (?) so Continuous men abound preternaturally :wink:

Looked around the help pages but couldn’t find anything to illustrate the Timeline or its use, only this overview:

Obligatory pun thing:

Wyze API aesthetes are cyanimals.

noun A person having a specified aptitude or set of interests (mostly cyan.)

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Just FYI… I see the latter via current production app versions. I see the former under current beta app versions.


I don’t think there is a default setting for that since none of the cams ship with the uSD in place and uSD recording activated.

If those who do record continuous, like I do, are anything like me, it’s because the motion detection and AI tagging for the cloud recordings is but a fading shadow of what it used to be. Because I just can’t trust it’s stability and accuracy, I have to record continuous just to be sure I have a decent record of the video when I need it.

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Sounds promising, thanks! :slight_smile:

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On the latest Android Beta I am still seeing the lighter color, rather than the darker one.
You’re using iOS though, right? Interesting that it is different. I wonder why.


I figure, new cam, set up, install SD card (read in wyze help someplace that you can insert the card while the cam is powered up - did not know that, thought you had to power down. If recognized it goes ‘ding!’) settings, toggle SD recording, default is… :slight_smile:

Are your recordings security critical? Mine are not. They do allow me to drag furniture dumped against our property in the alley back to the apt house whence it came. We have monthly turnover in this mostly multi-family neighborhood…

The night conditions under which I’m detecting persons is far from ideal so I’ve never expected reliable detection. I get the frustration, though.

I also.

I cobbled together the ‘former’ and ‘latter’ graphics in the OP from different sources. I realized later the bottom of the four is actually from an iOS app screen capture posted on the forum. The cyan cursor in iOS is much thinner (like apple users? :slight_smile: )

This is IOS, time line looks light to me.


Ah ha! It’s not an app version difference… it’s a cam type difference. It appears that only the Cam v3 displays former. Now that’s odd. Maybe firmware version?

Take a look at the timeline of a v3 running using your Android app. It displays former via current production app and current beta.

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Yes. Difference by Cam FW…

Android 2.30.0(130)

V3 on FW

CamPan V1 on FW

I guess UI standardization within the ecosystem isn’t a design constraint.


YepYep, Continuous.

Yes. It is the one and only purpose for installing them.

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Agreed. Then I was on about platform cursor skinniness… without much merit it turns out… :slight_smile: