What's The easiest way to stop all functions ?

What’s the easiest way to stop all functions Well I am at home, And then Start up everything when I go away From home ?

You can turn on and off motion detection and notifications using IFTTT.



Thanks RickO

That confirms , the more I read I think IFTTT is best bet .

I see they are working on a power button for the app though .

Different question, When I set up the app I log into my wifi .

Is there a place in the app to disconnect from my wifi ?


The next version (in beta now) allows you to turn off individual cameras. Stops live feed, alert, motion detection and SD recording. When they release that, hopefully the IFTTT option to do it will follow.

No, but if you want the app to not use any data, even in the background, just kill the app on your phone.

I didn’t see any mention of this anywhere but I, found that you do not have to turn off any alerts Or anything, To stop the recording and alerts .

Just turn off the all day button and it stops all alerts and recording for That camera