What's next? after Beta 2.2.30?

Just downloaded production version 2.2.38 GREAT!!

Seemed to fix the bombing out when first selecting an app.
But when does the next Beta come out?

Thanks for the feedback Within the next three weeks for sure, we are working on security features like 2FA, ability to delete the account, and integrating Sense features.


Looking forward to the next BETA round. I ordered the WYZE sense as soon as we could through Early Access so look forward to receiving it and can’t wait to see if Sense and WYZE continues to work on my iPHONE 5c. (Hey, someone has to hold down the bottom rung of phones … however, if my 5c ever quits working with WYZE, I’ll upgrade my phone in a heartbeat.).

I do have a question … I’m running the WYZE BETA app … since another round of testing is weeks away, I should continue to run the BETA app, right?

When the production app is available, you can download it from the App Store. It will replace the beta app. When a new beta becomes available, you can download that in Test Flight. If it were me, I’d use the production app which is slightly newer than the last beta.

EDIT: A little more clarification… You can if you want stick with the beta app and just keep on pluggin’ away in beta when the next beta version comes out. In iOS, it’s pretty easy to switch back and forth. Perhaps not so easy in Android.

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