What's happened to the newsletter?

“Here at Wyze, we send out newsletters at least once a month”
Last newsletter in the archive is January 2019.


I have been receiving them. Make sure you have the button turned on under “account” in the app. Select your username at the top of the account page.

Thanks, I’ve been getting them, but I was looking for them in the archive.

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Ah, I see. That’s what I get for reading your post in an allergy induced fog. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whoops! Looks like we dropped the archive. Sorry about that! I’m working with the team to get the latest newsletters up and I’ll see about making it part of the newsletter checklist. Thanks for the post! :slight_smile:


We’ll update the archive when we have the newsletter for this month ready to go up. Thanks for bringing this up!

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