What was he doing?

Looking for underground utilities.


My blonde wife (carpet matches the drapes) of 42 years chewed out a locator years ago. I was at work. She ran outside and demanded to know why he was spray painting our grass. She had never seen a locator before. To her credit, the locator’s truck was parked a block away, and the guy was not wearing a vest or any ID that she could see.
So now when we see the little flags in people’s yards, I tell her those people don’t like their grass being painted. :sunglasses::rofl:

There are ‘Locator Rodeos’



Depending on the locator their paint last a long time. I’ve had them here and they will put flags in the yard and I give them chalk for use in the driveway. My water line runs under the driveway and I don’t want a blue racing stripe.