What tablets does everyone use for viewing multiple cameras?

I’m looking into getting a tablet soon to view my camera group from work

I mainly use my phone to open the group but I’m busy with my phone during work sometimes and don’t have time to be going in between the wyze app and my work all night long

So a separate tablet by my work desk while I’m in range to view it would be awesome and very convenient

I currently have 5 v3’s and plan on adding at least 4 more ? Maybe even a few more later on down the road…

Rn i view 5 cameras but soon it’ll be 9

Any fairly cheap tablets out their anyone uses ? Something reliable and secure , thanks

Well, I don’t have anything you are looking for, lol.

BUT – I do use the Fire 10" tablet, something you can get on Amazon for under $100 if you use CamelCamelCamel.com to monitor the price.

The issue is this tablet is not supported by Wyze. BUT – many of the problems I see, like crashing to the home screen periodically, is something others with 100% Android apps also see.

So let’s see what others say. I use this as my daily monitoring device. If others are having the same problem on normal Android devices, them maybe we can get Wyze to fix it.


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Yep I use the Fire HD 10 as my full time monitor using TinyCam. (I was using an HD8 until it self destructed.) It mostly works great. I just had to tweak it to stay awake and not try to save battery by chlorophorming TinyCam threads.

For the price it’s hard to beat, especially if you also neuter the ads.

I use an iPad 5th generation. I have 5 cams split into two groups, one at home and one at the cottage. I monitor each group depending where I am. When at cottage, I monitor the Home group and vice versa.

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