What’s this noise

This noise is only on one came outta 10.

Which cam? V2 or Pan?

Sounds like electrical interference… is there a ceiling fan running?

Or any other electronic device near the cam?

No there is no ceiling fan in that room it’s basically a big open Theater. There’s really not much in there but a couple seats. And it’s been working for months and no noise and then the other night I noticed when I check the thermostat down there to make sure it’s keeping the temperature and it was making that noise and it’s never done that before

If you haven’t, do a hard reset …
Wait about 30 secs
Plug back in

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I didn’t actually unplug it I just did a restart and they got rid of the noise I don’t know where it came from I don’t know why it came. But the restart got rid of it so that’s nice. I was just curious if anybody ever heard that before experienced it have any idea what might’ve caused it. Just one of those weird issues in the cosmos I guess