What ports are necessary for Wyze Can V3 to operate?

I already opened the ports of link below, but my wyze can V3 yet doesn’t worked. I need to open the specifics ports manually in my application. Are there other ports that is necessary to open and it isn’t in the link below?

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That is a good question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, when you start to restrict things you often hurt yourself more than anyone else. Some people restrict TCP/IP addresses, some hardware addresses, some ports. Best to let it all breathe IMO. It is hard to hack your local network password if you are using a good one (which I would expect you are if you are interested in this).

I’ve personally been caught too many times with failed devices when restricting TCP/IP addresses or limiting by hardware addresses. I don’t do that anymore. I never thought to limit by ports, but I’m sure that would have pinched me too. But it probably would have pinched just me.

So IMO don’t do most restrictions, just beef up your network PW.