What kind of thermostat do I have?

I’ve installed smart thermostats before and understand the typical labels in harness but this one is new to me. I pulled off the Honeywell thermostat and found 3 wires attached to three posts labeled 1,2,3. I’m pretty sure my house doesn’t have any fancy zone dampeners. Anyone can shed light on this? Any “C” wire in this system?

Welcome to the forums! What does the other side of these wires look like at the furnace? Pics of the circuit board? Looks like you have a yellow, blue and orange that are tucked back in there too.

This is a non-compatible communicating thermostat. You might be able to use the non-communicating wires with your system, and use the wyze thermostat, but it would require changing settings on your furnace and ac control boards and attaching different wires. You would also lose functionality compared to your current thermostat, if your current thermostat modulates the speed of the fan or something similar.