What is this stuff?

Okay. Riddle me this… I was seeing the same thing in my garage on my camera. Now, mine weren’t generally swarming like that, it would be a few at a time, but they did indeed swarm like that. I didn’t think bugs because I live in Minnesota and it was -12 degrees out. But I was getting sick to my stomach after being in there, and felt like I was getting heartburn. I talked to a guy that worked for terminex, and he asked if I had mice in there, which I used to but thought I caught them all. He suggested if there was a dead one laying around or in the walls I might have phorid flies. I never found a dead mouse, but I did bug bomb, which all of a sudden, no more bugs on camera. Now here’s the thing… a friend of mine has them. I mean ON HIM. You can’t see them flying around with the naked eye, but when he came in the garage, boom!! There they are again flying around. He left, they left. I didn’t have them on me, they aren’t there anymore when he’s not there. Here’s another piece of evidence. So a couple days later, my cat was itching and scratching himself, but I couldn’t see anything jumping off him… until I grabbed my camera, and every time the cat started scratching, there they are!! The same exact things that were in my garage, on my buddy, now on my cat… I STILL get sick if I’m around these things, (and even before I knew they were there, so I’m imagining them). How do I find out what in the damn hell these things are??

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Welcome to the forums to a fellow MNer! Do you have any videos you can post?

I do, but it says, “new users cannot upload files”…? Here’s a YouTube link of one of these videos… What are these bugs?!? - YouTube

Here’s a video of them in my garage, where my cat has never been. What are these bugs!? (2) - YouTube

New users can up their forum “trust” level on their own automaticallyby reading posts and threads, commenting and liking posts. In this case, I have upped your user trust level to help with the troubleshooting so you can be able to post vids and images.

I can’t quite tell what that is beyond some type of particle or dust or something. I though maybe it was the kitty scratching themselves, causing some dust or skin cells or something to come off of them and then be caught by the camera.

The reason they are soooo visible are because the IR lights are directly in line with the camera lens and right next to the lens.

Here’s one where they swarm, and they get very close to the camera. (I think a mouse nudged that weed whacker)

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Same thing as the cat scratching then the particles showing up. The equipment is bumped and then dust falls and is seem by the camera.

What cameras are those? What brand?

I would have thought that as well… Except, after I bug bombed in my garage, these were not there anymore. Until my friend showed up. We did a test, I got video of the garage for three minutes with no one in there… Nothing moving. Then I went in, was moving stuff around, kicking at the carpet… nothing moving. He went in, and before he even got all the way in the door, they were flying off him…

Also, I do not see anything moving or dust floating around otherwise. When I’m in the camera, I can be moving things, or moving myself, and those don’t show up. Same is the case with my aunt that I live with. Only the cat, and my friend, and it doesn’t fit to reason that my friend and my cat would be the only things kicking up dust. One camera is a ‘La View’ the other is ‘Fiet Electric’.

Do you have a flashlight for testing? Hold the flashlight in your hand straight out from you. Now without shining it in your eyes by aimed close to your head, turn the flashlight on and walk around. The darker the room the better. Have the flashlight on and find your cat, give it a few pets or scratches, you should now see particles in the air and I’ll bet they look similar to the ones on your video. I just did this earring a sweater and ruffled my arm sleeve and a bunch of particles came into view. Kind of the same principle as what happens on video.

I understand what you’re saying, but assuming it’s just dust. Why would it only show up off my friend and my cat, and not still be flying around after they leave? Also, why would my aunt and I not have it flying around us, and why would it have disappeared from my garage after bug bombing if it was only dust? I’m telling you, I wish you were right. Honestly. I would do what you’re suggesting, but how can I tell the difference whether it’s bugs or dust?

Also, watch that last video I posted until the end. They get much clearer, and change direction. You can even almost make out wings…

Here’s a longer video of the first one. I just condensed the first one down for times sake. As you’ll see, those things do not start flying until my cat scratches himself. When my aunt is walking by in the frame, they also are not there. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to message bomb here, just desperately looking for some answers.

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The particles are very close to the camera, that is why they appear out of focus, and that is why it appears as if only the cat has them. If you were to turn off the ir illuminator lights then you wouldn’t be able to see any.

In the one where it appears if the ones are flying, it very where could have some flying insects as at the very end you may have one or more. But I am still sticking with the the majority being dust or particles floating in what little air movement there is after being disturbed from the bump of the object.

I too am “hoping” it’s still just dust and that that your friend happens to have a dustier home or work environment and brings that in on his clothes…

Cats have plenty of their own dander. Nuff said there.

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So here’s an update… I took a piece of scotch tape, and ran it down my cats fur, and caught a bunch of… whatever it is, and tomorrow I will be bringing it to the University of Minnesota entomology dept, Upon further inspection, they are on the tape wiggling… I tried to get video of it with my phone, but it couldn’t focus on them anyway. I will let you know what they say after I know. Cheers!

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What did they say??? Im in the EXACT situation as you are - haven’t caught any yet???