What is this just out of shot?

You’re going to be rather disappointed by this, but I get this type of thing quite a bit. Because of how sensitive this sensor is in the V3 headlights will show up from the edge of the frame like this quite often. And if I had to guess it looks like the headlights turn on and considering there’s two parts where it dims I would say someone walked in front of a vehicle and their body dimmed each headlight. I’m looking into buying a plastic welder currently so that I can build some sort of apparatus to help me fix this issue I have with the camera I have pointed at the sky as I do have a significant amount of traffic going by my house and far too many false alerts that look just like this. But keep in mind this is mainly speculation, I could definitely be wrong, if anyone might have a better idea or similar video I am more than open-minded :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, although my backyard is surrounded by other houses I do occasionally get headlights illuminate the house, The only reason I posted this video is that the camera is pointed straight up and the light source seems to be concentrated.
Thanks again.

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